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I'm your typical corporate Dad who was told...Go to school, work your way up the corporate ladder, then after 40 or so years of working, retire comfortably. After 15+ years into my corporate career I began to question the path my life was taking...What is my potential? What is my purpose? What exactly do I want out of life? During this self reflection one thing became clear to me, I wanted more out of life. I wanted to be present for my young kids & I wanted to take control of my time & money.

This realization became even stronger after COVID hit the world. I began working from home on a full time basis and it further emphasized how tired I was of the long commute, working on someone else's schedule & missing out on time with my family. I realized in order to be in control of my time & be present in my kids lives, I had to start my own business. We all deserve to live a happy & fulfilling life and I believe learning digital skillsets is the pathway to do so.

I knew online entrepreneurship would allow me the freedom I desired, but I had invested in other online programs & opportunities in the past and nothing had worked out. This time though I was determined to be successful. I chose to get around the right people, learn the right education, & stay consistent.

Now that I have embarked on this journey & have a clear line of sight as to how to achieve my goal, I am committed to helping others learn how to take back control and begin living life on their terms.

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